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Tim Horton's and Mcdonald's 30 pack.

Tim Horton's 30 Pack ($25)  
Mcdonald's McCafe Premium Coffee 30 Pack ($25)  


Breakfast Blend  
Morning Blend  
Donut Shop (Pink Box)  
Original Donut House  

Timothy's Medium Roasts

Colombian Excelencia  
Colombian La Vereda  
Mocha Java  
Italian Blend  

Timothy's Bold

French Roast  
San Lorenzo  

Timothy's Extra Bold

Midnight Magic  
Rainforest Expresso  
Fairtrade Nicaraguan Organic  

Timothy's Decaffeinated

Decaf Colombian  
Decaf Hazelnut  

Timothy's Flavoured Varieties

Cinnamon Pastry  
French Vanilla  
German Chocolate Cake  
Irish Cream  
Chai Latte  
Dulce De Leche  
French Vanilla Latte  
Caffè Mocha  

Timothy's Teas

Chai Tea  
Cranberry Twist Green Tea  
Decaffinated English Breakfast  
Earl Grey Tea  
English Breakfast Tea  
Green Tea  
Lemon Blueberry Tea  
Peppermint Tea  
Red Rose Tea  

Seasonal Flavours

Sugar Bush Maple  

Van Houtte

Van Houtte Light

Breakfast Blend - Light Roast  

Van Houtte Mild

Costa Rica  

Van Houtte Medium Roast

VH Colombian Medium  
House Blend  
Amazonia Fair Trade and Organic  

Van Houtte Bold

Colombian Dark  
Mexico-Fair Trade and Organic  

Van Houtte Extra Bold

Eclipse Blend  
Honduras San Luis  
Sumatra Dark  

Van Houtte Decaffeinated

Van Houtte Decaffeinated French Roast  
Swiss Water Dec. Fair Trade  

Van Houtte Flavoured Varieties

Vanilla Hazelnut  
Creme Brulee  
Pecan Praline  
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle  

Green Mountain

Nantucket Blend  
Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend-Decaf  
Dark Magic  
Wild Moutain Bleberry Fair Trade  
Decaf French Vanilla  
Caramel Vanilla Cream  
Decaf Half Calf  


Emeril Jazzed Up Decaf  
Emeril Big Easy Bold  

Hot Chocolate

Laura Secord Hot Chocolate  
Café Escapes® Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa  

Starbucks K-cup

Starbuck's Breakfast-24 Pack($19)  
Starbucks True North - 24 Pack ($19)  
Starbucks Verona - 24 Pack ($19)  
Starbucks Pike Place - 24 Pack ($19)  
Starbucks Decaf Pike Place - 24 Pack ($19)  
Starbucks Sumatra 24 Pack ($19).  

Barista Prima

Barista French Roast ($17)  


Folgers Caramel Drizzle  
Folgers Classic Roast  
Folgers Vanilla Biscotti  
Folgers Lively Colombian  
Folgers Black Silk  


Revv Turbocharge  

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme House  


Newman Special Blend Dec.  
Newmans Special Blend  

Coffee Essentials

Stir Sticks  
1L Neilson Freshness 2% Milk  
1L Neilson Freshness 10% Cream  
1L Half And Half Cream  
4l 2% Milk  
Coffee Mate  
Tims Paper Cups  
Lids for Tims Cups  
Water Cooler Cups  
18L Bottle of Water  
Special Requests.