Water and Office Health

Water and Office Health

Keep your office safe and healthy by choosing a bottleless cooler.

Did you know that traditional bottled water coolers can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs? Coworkers and managers might not think twice about the last time the bottle was cleaned or rotated, or how the bottles are handled during each changing. Open-close systems are highly susceptible to contamination in the form of harmful bacteria and viruses.

At Pure Stream we understand the importance of keeping your office protected and healthy. Our point-of-use water dispensers provide the cleanest healthiest drinking water to your office at all times.

Don't just take our word for it.

Health Canada Says...

The most common problems with bottled water in the workplace are caused by how people handle the containers and personal hygiene practices. Contamination most often occurs when people using the water cooler have not washed their hands or are using the cooler to refill water bottles.

Why our coolers are the healthy choice.

1. No Handling of Bottles

Anyone handling your cooler bottle can transfer germs from their hands to the neck of your bottle which can contaminate your drinking water. With your Pure Stream bottleless water dispenser, there is no need for the handling of bottles eliminating the transfer of viruses and bacteria from your hands to your water dispenser.

2. Sealed Reservoir

The open-close concept of traditional bottled water cooler easily allows dust and debris to enter. Our bottleless coolers have a sealed reservoir, keeping your water clean and fresh at all times.

3. Sanitized Regularly

Even with regular cleaning, bacteria can be reintroduced into an open-close bottled water cooler system and grow at a rapid rate. To ensure you are drinking the cleanest and best quality water possible at all times, your system will also be sanitized regularly by our technicians.

4. Recessed Tap System

Most bottled water coolers have an exposed tap system and allow germs to spread through constant contact. Our bottleless water dispensers have a recessed tap system meaning no contact with the tap is required when filling up keeping unwanted contaminants out of your drinking water.

More reasons to go bottleless.