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Pure Stream

Executive - Monthly Rental

$39.95 CAD per month rental

Monthly rental package includes*:

  • Free installation
  • Two sterilizations
  • Filters changed as needed
  • Free service calls

*Based on minimum one year rental


Features of the Executive Model:

  • Point of use water dispenser connects directly to your waterline.
  • Quick “disconnect” filter cartridges (no need to shut off water supply).
  • Hot, room, and cold water dispensing.
  • High-efficiency compressor for improved cooling.
  • Easy to use push button taps with childproof safety switch for hot water
  • Energy-saving “Kettle” features rapidly provide hot water (in under 3 minutes) without the cost of constantly re-heating water 24/7.
  • Hot and cold stainless steel reservoirs for superior long-lasting reliability.
  • The dual float system controls the water level in the reservoir (secondary safety float activates in the case of a primary float failure and/or overflow conditions).
  • The storage compartment allows easy access to the filtration system.