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Pure Stream

Standard - Monthly Rental

$39.95 CAD per month rental

Monthly rental package includes*:

  • Free installation
  • Two sterilizations
  • Filters changed as needed 
  • Free service calls

*Based on minimum one year rental


Features of the Standard Model:

  • Rounded contemporary design.
  • Unique sturdy two-piece blow-molded polyethylene cabinet –rust, dent, and scratch-resistant.
  • Removable cold water tank (Cook and Cold model)
  • Safe dual mechanical float with water leak detector
  • Cabinetry offered in Charcoal, Silver or White with black accents.
  • Readily removable front panel makes maintenance or changing color a simple task.
  • Waterways and cold water tank (Cook and Cold model) clean easily and are dishwasher safe.
  • High-flow faucets with a readily removable nozzle for easy cleaning Nozzle with twin-layer design to prevent fingers from touching the area in contact with water.
  • Safe dual mechanical float with a water leak detector.